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Uniform Policy

2015 - 2016

Atrisco Elementary Uniform Policy is in line with Ernie Pyle Middle School’s policy.  The uniform dress policy for Atrisco Elementary School will apply to all students and all students will be required to be in uniform everyday.  Students and their parents/guardians have the responsibility to be aware of the school specific uniform dress policy and to conform to those requirements. Atrisco Elementary follows the dress code as outlined in the APS Student Behavior Handbook.


CONSEQUENCES:  Students who violate the dress code in any way will have their parents called and asked to bring the proper clothing to school for their students.  Repeated incidents of dress code violations will result in a discipline referral.


There will be no gang related material or any logos, pictures, wording, of inappropriate subjects, or offensive material on any outer wear.



  • Solid Colors: Khaki/Beige, Navy Blue, Black
  • Pants/Shorts will be:
    • “Docker” style and straight legged
    • Plain or pleated front
    • Fitted at the waist
    • Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade as well as students in the Intensive Support Program may wear pants with an elastic waste band.
  • Pants/Shorts will not be too tight or too baggy
    • NO saggy, baggy, or dropped crotch
    • Pant legs should not drag on the ground
    • No painters, carpenters, or cargo pants
    • NO stretch pants
    • NO holes
  • Shorts/Skirts/Skorts
    • Must be an appropriate length (no shorter then 3 inches above the knee).





  • Polo Style (Pull over, collared with 3 or 4 buttons)

    Atrisco Spirit T-Shirts sold by PTO are allowed

  • No color restrictions
  • Short or long sleeved
  • NO logos with the exception of shirts sold by the PTO.
  • If shirt is longer than then 3 inches from belt line then it must be tucked in.



  • Belts are optional.
    • If a belt is worn, there will be no more than 3 inches extra length.


  • No flip-flops
  • Shoes must have a back, and NO open toes.
  • Shoes must be tied or secured
  • No roller skate shoes.



  • No color restrictions
  • Will be worn over a regulation uniform shirt
  • Shirt collar must be showing at all times.



  • Will be worn outside only.  Hoods on sweatshirts are to be worn outside and only in inclement weather.
  • If head attire becomes an issue with your student then privileges to wear head attire will be taken away.



Dress down day will no longer be every Friday.  

It will be at the discretion of administration and will be announced.

On dress down day, students’ attire will be of a casual nature, appropriate for school, and conforming to the guidelines for dress code in the APS Student Behavior Handbook. 


There will be no gang related material or any logos, pictures, wording, of inappropriate subjects, or offensive material on any outer wear.


  • Denim or jeans may be worn on dress down days.
  • No “saggy”, “baggy”, or “ripped” shirts, pants, or shorts.
  • No dropped crotch pants or shorts.
  • Pant legs should not drag on the ground.
  • No mid-drift or low cut blouses.
  • No blouses of shear/see-through material.
  • No “spaghetti-strap” blouses/dresses.  Straps will be at least 1 inch wide.
  • Length of shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses will be the same as uniform policy.
  • Requirements for shoes, belts, sweatshirts/jackets, caps/hoods etc. will remain the same as uniform policy.